Concrete Concrete X Concrete Cat launch the Easy Make Concrete Kit

Concrete art and design - Made easy!

Concrete Cat and Concrete Concrete have been working on a Secret project that we are now very excited to announce. We are teaming up to bring you The Easy Make Concrete Kit. It's the easiest, funnest way to try concrete art and design in the comfort of your own home! The Kit has everything you need from custom molds, Grey Matter studio concrete mix, mineral pigment to finishing wax.⁠

Pre-order now for exclusive Early Bird pricing on Kickstarter, here.

Why it matters

11 years ago when we started working in concrete, it came in 50lb paper sacks that leaked everywhere and made a huge mess. We were able to make some interesting castings, but the edges were crusty and it took a week to cure enough to demold.  It took years of experimentation to perfect a mix that could do what we wanted and even at that point we were still making concessions in quality.

Fast forward 10 years, we've partnered with Concrete Concrete who makes custom mix designed tailored to the work of Concrete Cat. We love what we do and the act of casting objects out of concrete is a special kind of magic we want to share with you. That being said the concrete industry still caters to big players, we will change this with Concrete Concrete.

Concrete Concrete offers the exact same high quality supplies we use in the Concrete Cat studio packaged in resealable clean bags in quantities small enough to use in your home or office.  Our Easy Make Kit that we're releasing on Kickstarter gives you everything you need to try your hand at concrete casting. 

Support from Mayku

We're incredibly fortunate to have the support of the Mayku Formbox team on this project. They've supplied us with a Formbox and materials to experiment with. Their support staff taught us the tricks to thermoforming.  

Find out more about our process and pre-order an Easy Make Kit for exclusive Early Bird pricing of $45 CAD (shipping included to USA and Canada) on Kickstarter, here.