Objects that I've had forever.

I have a tendency to get attached to the objects that I use daily.  I take great lengths to choose objects that will last a lifetime and age gracefully. I only like to buy things once. So rather than review new objects I'd like to include a review of some old objects that have served me well over the years.

Tornado Pen by Retro 51


This pen is 0.7mm roller ball.  The knurled end piece is turned to expose the ink cartridge tip. I've never had this pen leak in my bag, the refills are readily available at most fine stationery stores and can be ordered online.

I chose stainless steel because I thought it would age best (and it has, 6 years and counting).  I typically have this pen on me at all times, it has a very nice weight and is a joy to write with. 


Head Porter Yoshida Flat Bag


The perfect flat bag to carry my wallet, Samsung Note, notebook, pen and pencil, gum, change and a small tin of Lucky Cat Wax.  I've had it for ages and while it does show some light wear and tear it's held up remarkably well for how much I use it.  The material it's made from is a coated black canvas and it's easily wiped clean with a wet cloth. all hardware including zippers, snaps, buckles and some internal velcro closures are intact and have not needed repair.  I won't name names but I will say that I would consider myself a fanny pack aficionado and the bags by Porter Yoshida make most flat bags and fanny packs look like overpriced trash in comparison.  I can't give enough praise and gratitude for making a bag that's served me so well for so many years.


TI-Double 450 Mug Snow Peak


Literally the "Gold Standard of camping mugs," as described by Snow Peak.  It's a double-walled, insulated titanium mug which is extremely light. It keeps hot drinks hot but it's also amazing for cold drinks and has a very nice feel on the lips when you drink out of it without the lid. The real kicker is it's dishwasher safe and indestructible.  Travel mugs get disgusting, mainly because they're notoriously hard to wash and have too many joints and seams between the materials the mug is made of.  With the 450 mug you have a one piece design that can withstand the rigours of a pots and pans cycle in your dishwasher. Easy machine washing combined with titanium means that this mug will never hold a coffee or tea stank.  Did I mention the lid is sold separately for about $5. So if you lose or break your lid you don't need to replace the whole mug.  I love this mug so much that my next splurge purchase is going to be a full set in the handleless version for my home.