The Power of Mirrors

Mirrors are a powerful tool in an interior designers arsenal. We personally love them for these reasons:

1. They make small spaces feel like big spaces. We've all been surprised at some point in time by walking into a room we thought was much bigger because of a well-placed mirror. To be honest I've even walked right into mirrors. Mirrors are magic that can make rooms expand.

2. Mirrors can direct and add light into tricky spots. In old timey times a designer would use mirrors to direct sunlight and moonlight into rooms that needed more light. This kind of mirror magic doesn't have to be relegated to just old timey times, you can use strategic mirror placement to help direct sunlight into dark corners.

3. We love ourselves. We love to look at ourselves and mirrors make it happen.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Elyse Graham
Cast in layers of resin and then carved, shaped and sanded to reveal hidden colors, shapes and patterns.

Rasta Mirror
Misha Kahn
Cast Bronze

Chen Chen & Kai Williams
The Geology Transition Mirrors are made by UV bonding stones to a clear piece of glass. The decorative stones also act as the anchoring points for the steel mounting brackets attached behind. To create the mirror surface, a silver nitrate solution is poured onto the glass and chemically bonds to the surface. Not enough silver solution is mixed on purpose so that the pool of silver leaves a random live edge that fades to clear.
Concrete Cat 
Cast concrete.  See yourself in the Aegis of Athena and know you have favour with the gods.