The Values We Value

We consider our work as high-functioning installations--our aim is to surprise and invoke delight over our grasp of concrete.

We break new ground, we’re not afraid of pain and failure. Over the past 12 years we’ve developed a new segment in the fine craft industry that didn’t exist before us. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.

We are human, our hands are dextrous, we create with them to feel good and to satiete our drive for innovation. We help others achieve satisfaction through malleable creation and promote hand-made artistry. We're grateful for the ability to make things with hands that we love. 

All the money we make goes to paying for the roof over our heads, the food on our tables and the little seed money we put aside to grow the studio with new materials, techniques and equipment. These funds are entirely derived from selling our creations.

By means of ritual, gift or exchange we have witnessed our work help connect people in meaningful ways. We aim to work with artists and brands we admire and whose goals align with our own. Concrete lives forever.

The first step of all social structure is partners. We believe that people working together can do things that one person could never dream of. We're grateful for our community. Maintaining strong partnerships is hard work but is a priority for us.

Since our founding over 12 years ago, we’ve strived to dismantle uneven systems in the arts and design industry. We believe that every human has the potential to harness talent and the right for creative expression. University or College education in the arts is a privilege, a piece of qualification, never the whole.

We acknowledge that we exist in a privileged space due to the color of our skin. We are mixed race and we are white. We are privileged to never have experienced the brunt of racism ourselves but we are committed to fighting against it. 

Not typical for the concrete industry—over half of our employees are and have been female, in all categories, from ownership to production; equal opportunities and equal pay.

We acknowledge that every single one of us is needed to make the world go round and that we should all be valued & celebrated.

Leading by example. We will continue our efforts to give back to community initiatives with donations from our work to charitable auctions. We also commit to giving 1% of all sales to anti-racism organizations, and promote these organizations through our social media community.

Made in Montréal, Québec Canada
We’re proud to say all of our work is produced exclusively in our studio by the same artists that design the work. We believe in the power of the means of production. 99% of our raw materials are sourced in Canada. Period. No atstrix, no exceptions, no caveats.