Work Together I: Fighting for a Better Future

Take care of eachother
1% of all Concrete Cat sales are being pledged to organizations who actively fight racism.  This is 1% off the top of our sales, so if you buy an object for $200 we'll donate $2 from that sale before we take any other deductions. We'll publish the amounts donated at the end of each month.
I know 1% might seem like a small number, we're a small studio and we don't have extra money.  The hope is to create a sustainable practice and set an example that could be adopted by any person or organization regardless of how much or how little is made each month.
For the Month of July we'll be splitting proceeds evenly between the NAACP Legal Defense FundAssata's Daughters, and The Federation of Black Canadians. If you're involved with an anti-racism organization please get in contact with us to see if we can help!

Together, let's continue the fight for a better future.