Work Together III: Joyce Echaquan

September is the third month of our Work Together initiative where 1% of our monthly sales are pledged to community initiatives that support marginalized groups. In August, we pledged to 250$ CAD to Assata’s Daughters. 

1% might seem like not much, we're a small studio and extra money is hard to come by. Our hope is to create a sustainable practice that is both intentional and continual—to be adopted by any individual or organization regardless of how much or how little is made monthly. The conversation and fight for justice should include everyone and we are committed to aid in any way we can. 

This is 1% off the top of our sales, so if you buy an object for $200 we'll donate $2 from that sale before any deductions are subtracted. We'll publish the amounts donated at the end of each month.

For the month of September, we've donated 250$ to the GoFundMe raising funds for Joyce Echaquan's seven children. Joyce was a 37 year old Indigenous mother, who sought care at a hospital in Joliette, Quebec.

The events that unfolded prior to her death are not ones of an isolated nature unfortunately. They are representative of the wider mistreatment of Indigenous people in North America. In light of this tragedy, we must do our best to support Joyce's family and make sure her kids are taken care of.

Click here to contribute to the GoFundMe.