Where do we stand?

This last year, we've all been called to question beliefs about our self and beliefs about one another. The amount of chaos we have had to sort in order to feel stable is a little overwhelming. And maybe this is nothing new. 

How do we categorize others in order to figure out where we stand in this wild world? How important is it to label people in order to feel safe in our place? Do you think we can fight together so that we all 'win'?

This month, our studio donated $110usd, 1% of our February 2021 sales to @stopaapihateStop AAPI Hate is a US coalition addressing the need to end racism among our communities. Hate against Asian American Pacific Islander communities has risen during the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, we can stop it.

Our donation is not a ton, but it's still enough to be proud of. We will continue to donate through 2021 on a monthly basis. With this practice, we are reminded to contribute to our circle and that our circle extends beyond the immediate. We are committed to keeping an open mind and forever learning what it means to actually accept our differences. We believe that we all need each other in this wild world. Being able to sell our work is nothing we take for granted, so here we do our best to pay it forward.

Stop AAPI Hate