WORK TOGETHER XII: Baitulmaal for Afghanistan

It is worthwhile to continue our work together. To give to others when it feels like we can't. We can.

This month, our studio donated 1% of our June, July and August 2021 sales to the Baitulmaal charity. The goal of the nonprofit is to provide life-saving, life-sustaining and life-enriching humanitarian aid. They offer support and frontline services  to under-served populations around the world regardless of faith or nationality. While it’s headquarters are based in Texas, Baitulmaal operates around the globe in order to offer support to many places in need, like Afghanistan, Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, Myanmar and Yemen. Their programs help people in need to be provided with food, clean water, healthcare, education and economic opportunities. 

Our donation to this movement is not a ton, but it's still enough to be proud of. We will continue to donate through 2021 on a monthly basis. With this practice, we are reminded to contribute to our circle and that our circle extends beyond the immediate. We are committed to keeping an open mind and forever learning what it means to actually accept our differences. We believe that we all need each other in this wild world. Being able to sell our work to make a living is nothing we take for granted, so here we do our best to pay it forward.