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“Minoans believed the bull is a creature of the cosmos, important to the sun and moon. The bull is a physical representation of an earth deity. Evidence can be found in the original Greek Minotaur myth and the infatuation with the white bull, the bull-leaping games that connected man and beast spiritually, the ritual libation rhyton of worship, and lastly the horns of consecration that proved the bull in the mountain is the earth deity. Because they live in a turbulent world it was important for the Minoans to worship the earth to pacify the chaos of the universe” - “The Divine Bull” - Paris Bermudes 2015

Minos, the bull, a king, myth and legend.  A shape inspired by the Greek mythology surrounding the island of Crete.  This regal symbol, a shape and narrative filtered through the psyche of Concrete Cat and translated into the object you see now.

The Cretan bull, Minos, and the Minotaur have bounced around in our creative zeitgeist, stories of the ancient world and ancient humans inspire our practice of making objects/alters to the divine.  What did ancient humans worship and why?  Is there anything left in these old gods for us modern humans?

The Minos is for glasses, wallet, watch, rings, change, keys, lighter and pocket detritus. We’re sure you’ll find other uses for the Minos as well.

Le béton est libre comme vous. Chaque pièce est fabriquée à la main, il n'y en a pas deux pareilles.
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  • Size: L4" x W4" x H2"
  • Weight: 1lb/0.45kg
  • Color: ORACLE • BLUE + GREEN


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