GQ Magazine : The 'Twin Peaks' of Chessboards

GQ Magazine : The 'Twin Peaks' of Chessboards

When I was ten I would tell my parents I was playing Nintendo in the basement while secretly watching Twin Peaks; I knew they wouldn't approve.

I didn't understand what anything meant but I knew it was important.
I knew Dale Cooper stood for something larger than the character on the screen. 
I hid a Twin Peaks poster under a glossy pin-up of a Porsche 930 in my tree fort.

This was a secret knowledge. 
This was my new religion.

My early introduction into the work of David Lynch formed the lens that I view the world through.  It connects my past, present and future.  What I didn't realize is that this influence would show through my work and attracted other like minded artists who feel the same way I do about David Lynch.  While all the artists at Concrete Cat have a different introduction story to his work we all share a common influence in David Lynch.

We're honoured to have our Caissa Chess Set be featured in GQ's "Best Stuff".  To share this issue with our mutual hero Kyle MacLachlan is just icing on the cake!