Importance of Re-Working Designs : The Amorphous Hold

Importance of Re-Working Designs : The Amorphous Hold
Design is the profound connection between human beings and the objects, spaces, and processes they interact with. At our core, we are creators, shaping objects and experiences for others. In the realm of design, there exists a beautiful feedback loop, where human interaction provides invaluable data, guiding informed improvements in subsequent iterations. At Concrete Cat, this concept isn't just a philosophy; it's our daily practice, a commitment to constant refinement and innovation.


Concrete Cat stands tall among the league of industrial designers, crafting exquisite mirrors, floor lamps, candle holders, and a myriad of other fine furniture pieces. Our creations grace the realms of luxury, finding homes in the spaces of icons like Mandy Moore, Louis Vuitton, and Dior. Yet, the essence of Concrete Cat's designs lies in our personal necessity and our ability to connect with the shared experience all humans have with design.  Each tray, mirror, or candle holder is born out of our genuine need for these objects in our own spaces, driven by the pursuit of perfection we can't find elsewhere.

Meet the Amorphous Hold, a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence. Designed to cradle taper candles, tea lights, and incense sticks, it features our patent-pending 3-tiered internal hold. We unleashed about 30 of these charming creations into the world, observing the delicate dance between human touch and object. But we didn't stop there; after months of use in our studio we refined the shape further.

Through soft plaster prototypes, we meticulously reshaped and reimagined the Amorphous Hold. An extra inch of material was added, not just for weight but to sculpt the holder's profile and refine its curves. The result? A design that not only feels sublime in your hands but also boasts an impeccable visual balance, carrying its weight with grace.

We invite you to experience the artistry and functionality of the new and improved Amorphous Hold. Each curve, each contour, has been meticulously crafted to perfection. We have poured our passion into every detail, and we hope you find as much joy in using it as we did in creating it.

Discover the Amorphous Hold—a symphony of form and function, where design meets human touch. Embrace the beauty of meticulous craftsmanship, and let this piece elevate your space to new heights. Welcome to the world of Concrete Cat, where every creation tells a story, and every interaction is an artistic revelation.

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