Latest Releases: Minos, Gemini and Kratos

Latest Releases: Minos, Gemini and Kratos
3 new items just dropped

1. MINOS tray


Minos for gear

“Minoans believed the bull is a creature of the cosmos, important to the sun and moon. The bull is a physical representation of an earth deity. Evidence can be found in the original Greek Minotaur myth and the infatuation with the white bull, the bull leaping games that connected man and beast spiritually, the ritual libation rhyton of worship, and lastly the horns of consecration that proved the bull in the mountain is the earth deity. Because they live in a turbulent world it was important for the Minoans to worship the earth to pacify the chaos of the universe” - “The Divine Bull” - Paris Bermudes 2015


The Minos is for glasses, wallet, watch, rings, change, keys, lighter and pocket detritus. We’re sure you’ll find other uses. That’s fun.



Kratos the plinth

Brutally strong and unapologetic; we take the edge off this beast by making it in fun and vibrant colours but at the end of the day this is a massive block of our premium grade concrete finished to the best of our abilities. Kratos was the catalyst that coerced Hephestus into binding Prometheus, our version is big and strong enough to keep just about anything in its place!


Kratos is a great base or plinth, it’s heavy, it will not tip.  It’s strong enough to park a car on top of (literally)


This is the beginning of a beautiful project, if you have questions about modifying, drilling or adding fasteners just ask!



Gemini for sight

Gemini is your ace in the hole, a wildcard that can fit in anywhere and adjust to any circumstance.  Gemini will surprise with its versatility, high function and the ability to make you look beautiful.  A perfect frame for your beautiful face and a place to collect all your little bits and accoutrement.   The shape of Gemini has many uses and roles waiting for you to discover.  It’s a fit for a small space where each design object needs to have functionality.  


Our inspiration is an undefined shape that meets us in our dreams, undulating and shifting under the weighted energy of the dreamscape. 

To learn more about our inspiration, visit out journal.