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Titania is queen of the fairies and the keeper of goodness. She likes to par tay.


A testament to love and partnership, The MMXX version of the Ambrosia lazy susan was created by Concrete Cat founders Shawna and Matt during their time in 2020 isolation. MMXX's curved edges are a love letter to a sense of time that has no beginning and no end.

Each lazy susan has a hand cast urethane bonded turntable in a totally rando colour. The graphic was drawn by the founders' children, a depiction of their cat Mochi. The edge has a supple round and the disc is a touch thicker than our original Ambrosia for a luxurious feel.

Follow this portal into another dimension.


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A lovely tray to serve cups of nectar to your heavenly guests.
“How, in the morning brightness,
You all around shine at me,
Springtime, Beloved!
With thousandfold love-bliss
The holy feeling
Of your eternal warmth
Presses itself upon my heart,
Unending beauty!”
- Von Goethe



Pandora, the all-giving, is more than willing to help you get a handle on things. You will long for her when your hands are full, or when you wish to impress your guests.

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Doohickies and trinkets gather together in this sacred tray, each with their own special resting place. Separate, yet together.


Store your daily ritual tools on the perfectly sized Cybil Pico tray, a model of simple perfection.  Cybil is the mythological symbol of prophecy, by our interpretation she delivers to mortals, the merging of functional beauty. 


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The greatest lazy susan in the world just got better.  We updated the edge profile to make it easier to pick up and give it a touch of elegance.  We also added a svelte cork pad to the bottom to help grip the surface it’s on and add protection. 


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The Somnia lazy susan is a shape born from extended work in the studio where days, weeks and months blended together; an entire year past in a fever dream. As the days floated by and contact with the outside world ceased; grabbing hold of the Earth with our hands, kept us from drifting away.

As you spin Somnia, watch the shape change before your eyes. 




Psychedelic and jazzy, the wavy tray becomes an adaptable piece in your home based on your ever-changing self and needs.