Behind the scenes with Houseplant

Behind the scenes with Houseplant
Hello everyone! 
We did the thing where we put on our best looking work wear and asked a photographer to come capture our crew working together in the studio. Meet the team behind Concrete Cat.
Scroll through to get a behind the scenes peek of our studio.


Matt is mold making.

Diane is weighing and mixing concrete and pigments.

Trevor is casting an Infiniti Unit.

This is our big grinds station. A tray is being perfectly sanded.

Dom is pictured sealing All-In-One Rolling Trays


Shawna is organizing objects.


Currently our team is 9 people (not everyone is pictured).

We’re proud of the objects we make, the studio we’ve built and the team we get to do it with. Together we form and run a fun, inspiring and rewarding studio of artisans. 


 Not pictured; Nana Armstrong, Trevor Baird, Andrew Hoekstra




The team at Concrete Cat