Concrete Cat inside Seth Rogen's Houseplant Headquarters

Concrete Cat inside Seth Rogen's Houseplant Headquarters


 Screen grabs from Architectural Digest


I spy with my little eye something Concrete Cat! We think this Houseplant office tour is pretty cool. Seth talks about the Ashtray set and how long it took to complete them. It was a lot of hard work and loads of fun making em'.


"We did not set out to base Houseplant out of a house," the comedian says - but it makes perfect sense. "A lot of our products are home goods. We found that being able to see them in a home setting was invaluable." - Seth Rogen with Architectural Digest

"This is a rolling tray, which is...we're really psyched about.
This is something that like I've had for years, actually,
because we were working on prototypes of it.
But this is like, so utilitarian, if you smoke a lot of weed,
but it's also very pretty, and kind of nothing like it really exists.
So yeah, we were really psyched about this.
These sold out very quickly." Seth Rogen

The Houseplant office tour video can be found here 
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