We harness ancient technology and meld it with modern methodologies and science to create any texture in three dimensional surface. This whole process can get strange but we promise it's worth it. Download our Colour Catalogue


An infinite amount of depth and the ability to peer through dimensions. An extravagant use of colour in a dizzying array of options.

Oracle pattern is intrinsically linked to the medium of concrete but it's expression transcends the material into all mediums.

Oracle pattern is a series of painted/sculpted works that span across years of additions to the series.

There is a cohesive spirit and intention that unites all our work within Oracle, it is a voice we are calling out into the void.


Subtle and wavering, gentle smooth mingles of colours. Free jazzing soulful blends of wonderful warmth to ease the mind and sooth the soul.


Our control is limited. The possibilities are magical but dangerous and destructive. Steal your heart and dive in.


You could want anything and we can make anything. Tell us your dreams and we'll make them concrete.