Concrete develops character over time. Concrete is strong and difficult to destroy, but like ceramic, can chip or break if dropped. Concrete will react to your touch.

For daily maintenance wash by hand with a gentle cleanser and warm water. Like natural stones concrete is porous. Liquid may absorb but will not seep through.

Our sculptures love to be embraced; waxing is an opportunity for owners to bond with their piece. If your sculpture is displayed in the elements or being used for serving food in which case it would be seeing frequent washings, treat with our Lucky Cat Wax to maintain.

Show your concrete love and it will be with you for life. 


  1. Before use with food hand-wash concrete thoroughly with warm soapy water. You may see some amount of residual colour left over from the polishing process wash off at this time.
  2. Towel and air dry concrete (2-3 hours air dry).
  3. Coat sculpture in a thin layer of Lucky Cat Wax and let sit for 15 minutes. With a dry cloth, buff off wax. 

Our wax is a mixture of beeswax, carnauba wax and mineral oil. So natural, so safe that we also use it as a lip balm, hair pomade/moustache wax and hand salve!

We recommend that heavily used bowls with liquids be waxed once a week or until piece becomes completely saturated with wax.

Food usage and waxing changes the colour of a piece. Waxing is how we get some of the colours that we achieve and on some colours it is the lack of waxing. If you want your sculpture to maintain the exact colour indefinitely we do not recommend food usage.



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