Da Bears

Da Bears

Do you need more fun sprinkled in the here and now?  We have a possibility for you!  It’s a tiny colourful bear that hangs on your wall to spark joy and hang your coat.  

But wait there’s more!  Da Bears isn’t just a wall mounted concrete hook for coats,  you can hang bags, clothes, belts, hats, cameras etc.  Anything you could possibly hang could be hung on Da Bears.

Watch a process video here !


We didn’t design Da Bears from scratch, we found an ornamental bear at a flea market and fell in love with it. We modified the original design, changed the material, and created a production design to produce this bear in concrete.  We did our homework and tried to find the original designer but this is one of those designs that has been reproduced so many times that the origins have been lost to the ages, if you do know the origins of this object please reach out to us. 

It feels special and so we decided to bring this one back to life, we hope you love it as much as we do! If you want one of your very own you can get it here >