How To Wash & Wax Your Concrete

Lucky Cat Wax
Spill spaghetti sauce on your lazy susan? Cheesecake on your Dionysis shelf? We can help! We love concrete and with a little TLC or can look beautiful for millennia. 
It's incredible easy and a therapeutic practice where you can connect with your concrete piece on a deeper level. Here is a video with everything you need to know about washing your concrete objects. Featured here is the Pandora tray. 

For the video tutorial visit here

Here is our video in brief

1. Wash with mild dishsoap and warm water



2. Let dry



3. A pea size amount of Lucky Cat Wax



4.  Apply a thin layer onto the object and let rest for 10 min



5. Buff with a cotton cloth



  6. Perform a water test to check for the protective barrier



7. Party on


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