At Concrete Cat, we make concrete art; molding unique creations with our hands since our inception in 2007. We're not just pioneers; we've created an entirely new market for concrete home goods in interior design. Before us, this segment didn't exist, we've inspired countless designers and companies to explore the creative possibilities of concrete.

We don’t rest on laurels, every day we refine our skills and push our craft further. This ethos has been with Concrete Cat from day one, and with the support of our patrons, we've come a long way. But we're not stopping here; together, we're venturing even further.

We're privileged to collaborate with the finest architects, designers, and retail spaces worldwide. Concrete Cat's work adorns stunning commercial and residential interiors, we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate.

What sets us apart is the human touch. Behind Concrete Cat, there are accountable artisans — real people you can connect with. Reach out, send us a message, or talk to us directly. We genuinely care about our work and your experience. We design and fabricate in our studio in Montréal, Quebec Canada.

Concrete is not just a material; it's a marvel. Its potential is limitless, scalable to infinity. We believe in the magic of concrete, and we're here to bring that magic to life.

Past clients & collaborators include: Ace Hotel, Coming Soon NY, Facebook (Curated), Georgis & Mirgorodsky Architects, Hammer & Spear, Houseplant, PCL Construction, Peter Marino Architects, Seth Rogan, Tend Dental, Urban Outfitters, Kelly Wearstler